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Get your Pontoon Dollies before the "pull out season" and pack them in tighter



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Pontoon Dolly

$ 149.00 ea 


Pontoon Dolly HD

$ 173.00 ea 


Tall Pontoon Dolly

$ 169.00 ea 


Tall Pontoon Dolly HD

$ 193.00 ea 


Pontoon Dolly

1200# rated

Pontoon Dolly HD

1600# rated

Tall Pontoon Dolly

1200# rated

Tall Pontoon Dolly HD

1600# rated

   CRC Pontoon dollies are designed specifically for pontoon and tritoon boats. The bunk angles are designed for average 23"-30" diameter pontoons to sit in the center of the bunk. Bunks are 20" long to prevent denting the bottom of your toons. Our Pontoon Dollies come with a powder coated finish and 5" polyurethane crowned casters.


Dimensions are 20" X 20" square. Pontoon Dolly holds a 23" pontoon 6 1/2" off the ground and Tall Pontoon Dolly  holds a 23" pontoon 14 1/2" off the ground.


Shipping weight for PD1200 is 22 lbs ea

Shipping weight for PD1600 is 27 lbs ea

Shipping weight for PDT1200 is 27 lbs ea

Shipping weight for PDT1600 is 32 lbs ea


Quantity pricing available. email sales@crcmarinesupply.com for additional info.




Single sets or bulk



28" diameter test drum 













PD1200                    PD1600



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