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Boat show season is here again.... pre order your dollies now to make move in more efficient



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Boat Stands


Small Large
$ 99.00 ea $ 109.00 ea
28" - 43"  34" - 49"

Sailboat Stands


Small Large
$129 .00 ea  $144.00 ea
47" - 62" 78" - 94"

Keel Stands


$ 89.00 ea
16" - 24"


Powerboat stand

Sailboat stand

                      Keel Stand

  CRC Marine is proud to announce our new Safety yellow powder coated Boat Stands. They are actually the same high quality stands that our customers have come to know and trust to but we’ve decided based on customer feedback that switching from our company blue color to Safety yellow will make the stands much more visible to forklift and crane operators. This should help the stands AND equipment from being damaged as much as conventional blue, black and galvanized colored stands.

 Ask any Engineer and he’ll tell you that the strongest shape is a triangle, well our stands are a captive triangle so there is no way for the legs to spread and fail like some of our competitors.  Strongest structural shape yet still stackable and nestable.

  Boat stands are used as stabilizers. Use blocking fore and aft to support all weight of the boat on the keel. For power boats use a minimum of 2 pair of stands, plus an additional pair of boat stands for every 10 feet of boat length over 20 feet.

 9" X 9" plywood pads protect the hull while minimizing slippage. 

 BSSM shipping weight is 34 lbs each

 BSLG  shipping weight is 37 lbs each

 Quantity pricing available on 12-24, 25-99 and 100up. email sales@crcmarinesupply.com for additional info.





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