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Pro Jack


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Pro Jacks


$ 3198.00 pr 

Pair Includes:

  • 2  Pro Jacks

  • 2  Straight Arms

  • 2  9" Drop Arms

  • 2  4x16 Contact pads

PDF Specifications sheet  here

10,000 lb rated



  CRC has been engineering a better, lighter and safer Pro jack for quite some time and it's finally here. The CRC Pro Jack has what we call "Always ON' a fulltime ratcheting safety lock that keeps the jack in safe mode at ALL times (no pins to line up here) The ergonomic handle makes pulling the jack long distances and maneuvering much easier than other models. There has been a lot of emphasis put on wheel placement to make a better balanced and more stable unit. The Jack sits slightly on the tires at all times for ease of use.  


Integrated lifting eyes/tie downs were designed to make transportation more convenient. Unit comes powder coated and assembled. 


Pro Jack


Top pin comes tethered



Searay Sundancer 


Always-On safety lock




CNC machined rule




Unique rubber allows for better drainage



CNC ball socket and heavy construction


Balances perfectly on lifting eye/tie downs






The New   Jack-On

(details here)

One Man Pro Jack loading device




CAD simulation tested


Designed in latest CAD software



Jacks in stock


Billet release knob











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